Coaching for Managers


Coaching is an extraordinarily powerful methodology for generating real change at individual, team and organisational level. It is highly effective, as it is based on a practical understanding of the power of language, moods and conversations for sustainable behavioral and cultural change.
The modern leader and manager requires the ability to:

  • Engage with a powerful, highly effective approach to coaching and leading
  • Enable the capacity to generate deep positive change in environments that are constantly changing and in flux
  • Increase the ability and capacity for masterful living and action
  • Develop more constructive and mutually fulfilling relationships personally and professionally
  • Lead with more ease in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the conceptual framework and principles of Ontological Coaching
  • Understand how specific linguistic actions shape reality and how they can be used effectively in coaching and leadership to influence behaviour
  • Apply a different and deeper approach to the role of listening in coaching and conversations
  • Understand the pivotal role of moods and emotions in leading and coaching for deep and sustainable change
  • Recognise, work with and shift the ways moods, the role of the body and emotions impact communication, behaviour and performance
  • Observe and work with the interconnection between basic moods, body posture and language

The programme comprises of the following themes:

  • Introduction to coaching
  • Ontological framework
  • Being a continuous learner and responding to challenges
  • Moods
  • Language and listening
  • Language and questioning
  • Basic language acts
  • Body as teacher
  • Ethics of coaching
  • Trust


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