Ethics & Governance


The aim of Ethics & Governance is to provide participants with an understanding of ethics and how it influences life choices.

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After the successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a certificate (NQF level 5) issued and endorsed by the UFS. Recognition to the Higher Certificate in Management Development is available. In this programme participants will learn to:

  1. Understand governance is South Africa, specifically in relation to the legal framework.
  2. Have a proper understanding of corporate ethics and learn how to avoid high risk areas.

Programme Content

  1. Governance in South Africa, with regards to the legal framework
  2. Corporate ethics and avoiding high risk areas
  3. Ethics defined
  4. Governance o The three pillars for good governance and sustainable development o Accountability in governance o Trust in governance
  5. Differentiating between right and wrong
  6. What makes something ethical
  7. Division of action into three categories
  8. The importance of ethics
  9. Rights and responsibilities
  10. Descriptive ethics o Normative ethics o Teleological ethics o Deontological ethics o Meta-ethical theories
  11. The art of living – making choices
  12. Applied ethics
  13. The natural environment – is it natural/morally correct?
  14. Man-made environments
  15. Media issues

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Chris Hendriks

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