Financial Analysis: Viability & Sustainability

Successful completion of this programme, will equip relationship managers and credit managers with practical knowledge and tools assisting them to properly understand the clients’ financial position from both a diagnostic and a business model perspective. Interactive learning, simulation tools and real life case studies will be utilized to assist participants to perform diagnostic analysis on their clients’ financial statements and establish financial viability. This programme aims to develop the fundamental knowledge and competencies to interpret financial information, recognize risk and return in capital budgeting, interpret capital structuring decisions, understand the difference between profits and cash flows, realize the important link between sustainable growth and its impact on cash flows and assess the costs and benefits of business decisions.

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By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the basic accounting principles to interpret financial statements
  • Apply basic financial analysis frameworks in evaluating financial decisions
  • Consider the trade-off between risk versus return
  • Evaluate capital investment projects using discounted cash flow techniques
  • Analyse the debt-equity ratio in capital structuring decisions
  • Comprehend the importance of sustainable growth and the impact of growth on the cash flows of the business
  • Effectively communicate and integrate strategic and financial decisions using the lean canvas and financial modelling


This programme covers the fundamentals of financial management that are important to corporate managers, and introduce the key factors that influence financial decisions.
Topics addressed are:

  • Financial management
  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Managing profits and cash flows
  • Sustainable growth and the dividend decision
  • The financing decision
  • Value creation: Driving forces and opportunity screening
  • The business plan
  • The amount of capital needed
  • The lean canvass
  • The investment decision

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