General Management & Communication


Teaching delegates about:

  1. Communication techniques;
  2. Communication skills; and
  3. The four functions of management, namely planning, organising, activation and control.

We function in a rapidly changing environment and many people assume that the ability to think on your feet is weighed down by concepts such as planning, organization, leading and control.

However, if your are determined to successfully manage your business, department, and even yourself – you need these skills as instruments in knowing how to efficiently and effectively  think on your feet!

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After the successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a certificate (NQF level 5) issued and endorsed by the UFS. Recognition to the Higher Certificate in Management Development is available.

In this programme participants will learn to:

  1. Understand and apply the four functions of management (planning, organising, activation and control).
  2. Understand the importance of communication and be introduced to techniques to help improve communication skills.

Programme Content

  1. Communication
  2. Planning and Decision Making
  3. Organising
  4. Leading and Implementing
  5. Control

Your Lecturer for this online Programme: General Management & Communication

Mr Werner Landman
Mr Landman is currently employed by The Core Group South Africa ( as Director for Marketing and Public Relations.

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