Project & Programme Management


Project & Programme Management aims to provide participants with a practical approach to the management of all types of business projects based on generally accepted best practices and international standards.

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After the successful completion of the programme, the student will receive a certificate (NQF level 5) issued and endorsed by the UFS. Recognition to the Higher Certificate in Management Development is available.

In this programme participants will learn to:

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

    1. Participate in the preparation of a project management framework.
    2. Prepare a milestone plan for the implementation of a project.
    3. Prepare a project scope statement and Work Breakdown Structure.
    4. Prepare a project proposal based on conceptual cost and time estimates.
    5. Participate in the assessment of the impact and likelihood of identified project risks.
    6. Participate in project quality planning.
    7. Participate in cost estimating and budgeting.
    8. Participate in the preparation of a project schedule and cash flow forecast.
    9. Prepare a project procurement plan.
    10. Participate in the planning of human resource roles and responsibilities.
    11. Participate in the preparation of a project communications plan.
    12. Participate in the planning of a project monitoring and control plan.
    13. Participate in the preparation of a Project Implementation Plan.

Programme Content

  1. Modern project management
  2. The development of project management systems
  3. Defining of the project
  4. Cost estimation and development of the budget
  5. Development and construction of the project network
    o Gantt charts
    o Pert simulation
  6. Project management structures
  7. Leadership: be an effective project manager
  8. Progress, performance measurement and evaluation
  9. Project audit and closure

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Henry Deacon

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